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The UL Lafayette's Academic Enrichment Program was established in 1975 and has become one of the nation's largest and finest summer opportunities for academically and artistically talented students.  Each year the university faculty and master teachers from area schools offer summer mini- courses in computer programming, modern languages, and other areas in the sciences, arts, and humanities, for qualified preschool through 8th grade students. Students who have entered the 11th grade are encouraged to participate in the Summer Early Admissions Program, offered through the University Honors Program (call 337-482-6700 for further information on the University Honors Program).

In addition to the regular Academic Enrichment Program, a special inter-session "Challenge" program is offered periodically.  Challenge classes last only 8-9 days (revolving around the July 4 holiday).  These outstanding classes are taught by graduate students who are completing their credentials to teach the academically gifted; since their operational cost is lower, they are available at lower tuition cost for qualified students.

Students who have been classified as academically gifted are automatically eligible for the Academic Enrichment Program; others must come to UL Lafayette for testing or present school documentation of high academic or artistic ability (qualifying scores on mental ability or academic achievement tests, portfolios of creative or artistic products, records of school leadership, etc.).  Once a student has qualified for the program, further testing is not necessary.

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Academic Enrichment Program Eligibility and Application Procedures
Schedules and Fees

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Academic Enrichment Program Information Letter: click on this link for qualifications and dates for the program.

Academic Enrichment Program Application Form:  click on this link to print out the application form.  You can send this form to our office with your applicaiton fee.  (We do not accept credit cards)



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