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Torrance Creative Scholars Program

The Torrance Creative Scholars Program was established in 1989 as an outgrowth of the work of Dr. E. Paul Torrance, internationally acclaimed authority on the identification and development of creative potential.  The program is designed to recognize and nurture highly creative students. Sponsored by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Center for Gifted Education, it is the only program of its kind in the nation.

Why should I want to be a Creative Scholar?

Creativity is an important gift.  Highly creative students have the potential to make significant future contributions in the sciences, as writers or artists, or as decision makers in business, industry, and education.  The contributions of individuals such as Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk reflect creativity as well as academic skill.  However, creative persons must learn to use their abilities productively and gain confidence in their ideas.  The Louisiana Creative Scholars Program has two goals; the recognition of creative talent and the provision of special services for those identified as highly creative.

What does the program consist of, and where does it take place?

Creative Scholars completing the 7th and 8th grade attend a two-week residential program, living in UL Lafayette dormitories and commuting daily by school bus to the rural campus of the Episcopal School of Acadiana (Cade, Louisiana, approximately 12 miles from Lafayette) for classes.

What experiences are provided in the Creative Scholar Program classes?

Students in the residential Creative Scholars Program are introduced to Creative Problem Solving and other strategies used by business leaders, scientists, writers, artists, and others in their creative work.  The interdisplinary classes, which teach creative applications in areas such as science, mathematics, and the arts are facilitated by master teachers who model creativity in their teaching.  Students learn about themselves as creative persons and discover ways of representing their ideas constructively, helping to develop a positive self-image.  A unique benefit of the program is the opportunity to meet other creative individuals, to work cooperatively toward a common goal, and to discover that "IT'S GREAT TO BE CREATIVE!!!"

What is the cost of the program, and are scholarships available?

Tuition fees depend on the program attended.  A complete listing of fees is provided separately; scholarships are available for residential students whose families qualify on the basis of financial need.

What is the schedule of the 2005 program?

For the dates and times of all 2005 classes, as well as a typical daily schedule for the Residential Creative Scholar Program, click on Schedules and Fees.

Eligibility and Application Procedures

Eligibility for The Torrance Creative Scholars Program is designed for students who have demostrated high potential in the area of creative thinking and production. Eligibility for this program requires one or more total scores at or above the 75th state percentile on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, administered either through the school or through the university.

How to Apply for the Creative Scholars Program:

To apply for the Torrance Creative Scholars Program, complete a current application form, indicating your preferred location, date, and time of testing.  Return the completed form, along with the appropriate testing fee ($10.00 for those completing grades 7-8), to the address included on the form.

Students who have qualified as Creative Scholars through outside testing on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking will be accepted automatically.  To apply on this basis of outside testing, submit a completed application form, an offcial copy of the qualifying test report, and the $20.00 application fee.

Refund Policy:

Full refund less non-refundable deposit will be issued if cancellation notice is received in our office on or before Friday, June 4.  A $25 processing fee will be retained if notice is received between June 7 and June 11.  No refund can be made after June 11.


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