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Summer Scholars Residential Program

The Summer Scholars Residential Program is a one-week residential program designed to develop the academic, leadership, and/or creative skills of 7th and 8th grade students who have demonstrated high levels of ability in their school work, in the arts or in their daily lives. The program is sponsored by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Center for Gifted Education.

What instructional experiences does the Summer Scholars Program offer?

The program focuses on academics, the arts, and personal development.  Students select from courses designed to develop skills in new content areas or to pursue special interests; although students are encouraged to select a balanced schedule including courses in both academics and the arts, those with intense interests or special abilities in one or two specific areas may concentrate in these areas.  Most courses meet 1 1/4 hours per day for five days; although time does not permit in-depth study of any subject, movitated students often make significant advances during the week of the program.

When and where is the program held, and how are students supervised

All Summer Scholars live in UL Lafayette dormitories and daily classes are in an area school. The school meets the needs of middle school students and provides an ideal setting for the summer experience. Summer Scholars classes are taught by carefully chosen master teachers.

Although students may select from a variety of evening activities, they are not allowed unsupervised time.  Our residence hall staff consists of teachers, counselors, and other experienced residential life personnel, all personally chosen for their ability to work effectively with young people.  The small student/staff ratio permits careful attention to the social, emotional, and personal needs of individual students; after-hours security is further ensured by uniformed officers who supervise the dormitory reception areas in each dormitory throughout the night.

What is the cost of the program, and are scholarships avaliable?

Summer Scholars Program tuition for Louisiana residents is reduced to $425 by private funding.  Additional scholarship funding from a private source provides ample assistance for families who qualify on the basis of financial need.

What are the benefits of the program?

The diversity of the Summer Scholars Program permits us to extend stimulating summer experiences to students who may not have such opportunities in their schools.  Parents and students report that participants return to their homes and schools with improved motivation, interpersonal skills, and self-esteem.  While there are no automatic scholarships or school acceptances as a result of the program, colleges often look favorably on the development of ability through summer experiences.  A major benefit of the program is the formation of lasting friendships with others who share similar abilities and interests.

How do students spend their time in the dormitory?

Structured activities are part of the regular afternoon schedules, and students may choose from a variety of evening activites in the dormitory (e.g., theatre, talent shows, art, discussion groups).  Students have little free time, are closely supervised, and are required to have lights out by specified times.

Eligibility and Application Procedures

The Summer Scholars Residential Program is designed for students who have demonstrated high potential in academics, the arts or leadership ability.  Students may qualify for this program by presenting official documentation that they have met one of the following criteria:

Qualification for a parish gifted program or the UL Lafayette Academic Enrichment Program;
Intelligence test scores at or above the 87th national percentile,or qualifying scores on standardized tests of academic achivement, including SAT or ACT (call for further details);
Other documentation from school officials of high academic, artistic or leadership potential.

Current Year Schedules: For current year program dates, information on course offerings, and a typical daily schedule, click on Summer Scholars Program Schedules (coming soon)

For Further Information: For further details, or to determine whether or not a student is qualified for the Summer Scholars Program, call the UL Lafayette Center for Gifted Education, (337) 482-6701.

Summer Scholars Application Form: To print a copy of the application form, click on this link and send the form with your application fee to our office.  (We do not accept credit cards)

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